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          A new mode of sharing smart laboratory and sharing smart classroom based on education informatizatioBased on the Saas architecture, the required functions can be configured on demand, the ecology is f

          Integration of teaching, equipment management and control, artificial energy, Internet of things, practical teaching for university laboratories, experiment opening, instrument appointment, intelligent access control, experiment safety video, temperature and humidity monitoring, benefit evaluation, and other new management modes.

          A new mode of sharing smart laboratory and sharing smart classroom based on education informatizatio

          Visual data report and benefit assessment, multi campus, multi department centralized management and

          Big data decision platform based on artificial intelligence intelligent laboratory

          Your needs analysis + our mature platform + technology implementation + business program of the full range of the = = applicable to their own management and effectiveness of the birth!

          Integration of innovative laboratory management and cutting-edge technology of Internet of thingsFocus on innovative wisdom easy

          Keeping up with the frontier of technology innovation laboratory management and teaching new mode
          Powerful coverage of your teaching management needs

          Intelligent material platform control

          Multidimensional data analysis and decision strategies

          The whole process of production data is presented automatically, and the platform automatically learns the role behavior habits, providing accurate data results for the management roles such as school leaders and department heads that can make quick decisions.

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